Apple Adds AirDrop to iOS to Provide Easier Sex Tape Sharing

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There are a few innovative aspects of iOS 7, and a lot of borrowed concepts. The new AirDrop product is a little bit of both. The sharing app makes it easy to share photos, images and other bits of content with your friends. It's undeniably easier than in iOS6—you can share with multiple friends in just three taps. No need to bump phones.


Yah, well, Samsung added this type of feature almost a year ago. At the time, everybody made fun of them because these seamless sharing features make it easy not only to send your pal the latest Daft Punk track but also send your guy or gal a nice, filthy sex tape. Samsung did decide to go with the bump-like gesture for its easy sharing feature, making it only slightly more difficult to get those humping videos and crotch shots.


Apple's version of this feature will undoubtedly break new ground that we didn't get to see in the WWDC keynote. Based on the images of the interface we saw on stage, it looks like you'll be looking at a Facebook Chatheads-style interface for picking which friends to share with and then a few different options like text message or email. It'll be interesting to see if whether Apple's famous no porn policy will bleed over into its sharing features. However, as Apple continues to double down on mobile, the company will have to come to terms with the idea that people are going to look at smut on the internet regardless of whether Apple keeps smut apps out of the App Store.


Of course, looking through the rose-colored iOS7 glasses, AirDrop is an innocent little product that makes it easier for you to share your vacation photos. It's stealing Samsung's thunder a little bit with the ease-of-use, and it's stealing Facebook's utility a lot with such quick and easy access to your friends. So porn or no porn, it's good to know Apple's keeping up with the competition!

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